I also have specialized training as a Relationship Coach**and work with singles who have put all their energy into creating a financially thriving business or developing a very successful corporate career but have neglected their personal lives and now want to find that someone special with whom to share their life. I help busy single professionals who are ready to take charge of their lives and create the relationship they prefer make the most efficient use of their available free time by teaching them methods to more effectively, scout, sort, and screen dates so that they may more effectively recognize relationships that have the potential to meet their requirements and needs.

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And don’t forget the 10 Principles of Conscious Dating.


1. You find yourself in the same types of dead end relationships over and over.

2. You use visioning, goal setting, and strategic planning successfully in your business or job, but your relationships are a chaotic mess.

3. You know what you want in a relationship, but you never seem to get it.

4. You are uncertain of your requirements/non-negotiables. You often find yourself in relationships that have unsolvable problems.

5. You don’t want your children to have the same relationship troubles that you have had.

6. You typically find your relationships developing into mini-marriages and you spend too much time deciding that a relationship isn’t going to go any further. You want a faster, more efficient way to scout, sort, and evaluate potential dates before you invest too much.

7.You believe that your family is living out the legacy of separated families well as living out the more recent legacy of social institutions that encouraged one parent households. You believe that something just be done about this. You are willing to start with yourself.

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