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Healing from Toxic Relationships

Love addiction can be defined as persisting in a relationship despite the pain and hurt the relationship produces.  If your relationship hurts but you can’t seem to let go, you need to call Dr. Belton for a free 15 minute consultation.  She will help you reduce your craving to contact your ex, and help you finally release yourself from the chains of attachment to a person that is not good for you.

Through Dr. Belton’s psychotherapy services, you’ll finally start mending love ties. Overcome the severity of love addiction and other types of toxic relationships with marriage and couples counseling, as well as individual psychotherapy.

In addition to helping adults, Dr. Belton also works with children, helping them with ADD and other issues through play therapy and evaluations.

Dr. Belton has been licensed in New York State since 1984.  She is a graduate of Harvard College and Columbia University.

 Therapy Services Include:

Love Addiction

Depression and Anxiety
  • Establish what abstinence means to You
  • Identify a bad relationship
  • Why you’re continuing the relationship
  • How not to take phone calls
  • Steps to drop the person you are addicted to
  • Establishing new healthy relationships
  • Evaluate the impact of your relationship upon your children and how they may repeat your mistakes
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Phobias related to car accidents
  • Work stress and anxiety

Premarital or Pre-Shacking Up Evaluations

  • Identify your expectations
  • Know your “Deal Breakers”
  • Deal with money, sex and lifestyle issues

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Jerk Alert

Are you dating a “jerk”?  Are you in an emotionally abusive relationship that is damaging your self-confidence and mental health?  Dr. Belton works with you, whether you’re the jerk or need help identifying a jerk.  She will help you make a connection with the person and the past in order to fix your present. Whether related to parenting or any other personal relationship, Dr. Belton will assist you in identifying the past and understanding what you are hoping to solve.

Contact Dr. Monique Belton for professional relationship counseling.


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