My mission For Physicians and Health-Care Leaders:

My mission for Physicians who are seeking to renew a sense of purpose and vision is to help them to make the major shifts in their professional or personal life that can lead them to careers that use more of their true gifts and talents.
Mission for Corporate Health Leaders who are happy with their current career focus is to help you improve personal, individual, and corporate performance through understanding of yourself and others so that you may lead more effectively; increasing productivity and profitability. I assist you in more skillfully navigating your current position and in designing a trajectory toward your next big move.

Mission for CEOs and Senior Staff: To increase profitability and prosperity within the corporate culture to enable better lives for all involved. I show companies how they can improve profitability using best practices and involving their most precious asset – their employees.

The truth is that the most effective leaders know and understand their strengths and weaknesses. They know their effect upon others. They understand how to motivate and communicate with people who have very different styles than they do. Why invent the wheel or have to learn everything by experience? I can teach you a systematic approach to dealing with people that can enhance your personal and professional effectiveness.

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