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February 9, 2020

Handling Stress in Healthy Ways

Stress management can seem to take a lot of imagination and patience when you’re trying to handle so many things in your life. Many people struggle with finding time for stress management on a regular basis,

Although some people choose to embrace a pharmaceutical approach to dealing with stress, there are a few simple things you can do that may help you find a solution that suits your needs more naturally. Keep reading to find healthy ways to manage your stress.

Take a deep breath
Even though breathing is something that every person does without thinking, it’s probably a good idea to turn your focus to your breathing at least 2 times a day.

Breathing plays a very important role in regulating essential bodily rhythms like your heartbeat. If you breathe in too shallow of a fashion, it’s very easy to put your body into fight or flight mode on a constant basis, and even cause damage to your heart.

Making sure that you spend time doing deep breathing also helps you to increase the oxygen delivered to your brain. This can help increase focus and clear away foggy thinking.

Step up your exercise
Having some kind of workout routine can greatly improve your stress levels. When you workout, your body releases endorphins that help you to relax and fight anxiety. You are also giving your body the chance to burn off the extra energy that it has stored up.

Excess energy can cause agitation that manifests in the form of fidgeting and other ticks. Even a simple walk can make a massive impact on how you feel.

If you can keep some kind of regular schedule for exercise each week, you may be able to reduce your stress noticeably.

Make a phone call
When you are feeling really stressed out, sometimes the sound of someone’s voice can be enough to get you back on track with a good frame of mind. Contacting a friend or relative can help you to feel more comfortable, or recall positive memories that you can focus on instead of thoughts that cause stress. Seeing someone in person can be even better, because you can go to a place where you can walk and work off excess energy while you socialize, or you can make a plan with physical activity at the center of it all.

Handling stress can be difficult for everyone at times, but with the right plan and a positive mindset, it is definitely manageable..

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Dr. Monique Belton

Executive Coach and Clinical Psychologist, Monique Belton, Ph.D. helps empower people to create their dreams.

Dr. Monique Belton

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