female looking at herself in a mirror

Each time you find yourself in front of a mirror today, take a moment to witness yourself. As you look deeply into your own eyes, hold all aspects of yourself in loving awareness. Silently repeat these words three times, “I see you, I accept you, I love you,” Carry this practice through your day and witness your heart gently open to yourself and others. … Read More Button

The Top Things To Not Discuss During Your First Date

E-Harmony suggests that the top things you should not discuss on your first date are: Your finances How you feel about your ex Why your last relationship ended How crazy your family is How much you hate your job I’m not sure what this advice is based upon – I doubt there have been any tests for the validity and reliability of this recommendation. I’d love to hear your experiences. My take on this is that many times, some of this information has been shared via text, emails and calls prior to meeting so it doesn’t fill up the face to … Read More Button

Coaching Preparation Form

Preparing for the coaching session will allow you to optimize your results and our time together. Before the session, you may wish to answer the questions on my coaching prep form. Click on the “download” button below to open the document and print it out or save it to your computer.   … Read More Button

What is Coaching?

Coaching is the facilitation of growth and change. 1. Coaching helps you to clarify your direction. Direction and vision are better than goals in this case. A coach can help you create a vision/direction statement that describes what you would be like when you have reached your goals. 2. Coaching helps you to strategize your actions which are needed in order to develop your vision into a reality 3. Coaching helps you upgrade your skills 4. Coaching helps you to optimize your environment. Physical People Mental You may optimize the environment by adding or subtracting from it. 5. Coaching helps you to … Read More Button

Today’s Tip: Breathing – A Mental Energizer

If you need a pick-me-up or are feeling a bit anxious, try the following breathing exercise; it can help to bring energy and clarity to your mind. The first time, do it for just 15 seconds, increasing the duration by five seconds every time until you can complete one full minute. Always breathe normally between exercises. Sit upright with your back straight, eyes closed, and shoulders relaxed. Place the tip of your tongue against the bony ridge behind and above your upper teeth. Breathe rapidly through your nose, in and out, with your mouth slightly closed. Keep your inhale and … Read More Button

Tel-classes and Workshops

Coming soon! Join Dr. Monique Belton in a free introductory tele-class and learn the 12 Dating Traps and how to avoid them. How to Avoid the 12 Dating Traps Want to date Smarter not Harder? Tired of Mini-Marriages that lead nowhere? Sick of relationships with Unsolvable Problems? You will call in to a long distance number and the class will be held on a teleconference line. The only cost to you is your long distance charges. … Read More Button

Effortless Networking

Date: To be announced Time: 8:00 – 9:00 PM ET Networking is the one most effective ways to explore career options, learn about new business opportunities, and refine your professional goals. Whether you are a physician in practice, in business, in management, or in transition, getting comfortable with networking is a must. The challenge for a lot people – not just physicians – is that they hate networking! Unless you know how to do it well, networking can be not only intimidating, but downright scary. No matter what your comfort zone is, though, don’t miss out on a prime opportunity … Read More Button