The Ideal Partner Profile
A Beginner’s Guide to the Hire Slowly – Fire Quickly
Relationship System
Are you a smart woman who is ready to ditch the dead-end dating scene and start experiencing the kind of loving relationship you’ve always wanted?

If what you are doing now isn’t bringing you the kind of relationships you desire and deserve, it’s time to make a change!

The Ideal Partner Profile is the first step in my signature system of learning a better way of scouting, sorting, recruiting and retaining your ideal long-term partner. I take a unique approach by illustrating how using successful business hiring practices can lead to finding your ideal love candidate.

This powerful mini workbook will keep you from spending too much time and energy on relationships that will never give you what you truly desire in life and will teach you a systematic approach for evaluating relationships using both your heart and your head.

This workbook is for you if you are ready to take action. To find the right man, it isn’t enough to know what you want, you must also be committed and take meaningful action to get the results you desire.

Create a strategic plan for finding the love you deserve.

Develop a description of your ideal love candidate

Learn to implement rules that work, such as the 3 Date Rule and the 3 Month Rule

Understand your own unique values and style

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“When you know better, you do better.”

These are wise words from Maya Angelou, but it has been my experience that people don’t always know what new and better actions to take. They know better, but they often wind up doing what they always have done.

The Hire Slowly – Fire Quickly system will get you out of automatic thoughts and behaviors and into smart purposeful actions.

The goal is to get smarter everyday. But you only get smarter by doing. If knowledge is only in your head it will probably stay in your head. The power to change comes when you choose to take new actions.

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