Date Like a Boss

Are you "too smart" to be in the relationship you're currently in?

You know what I'm talking about. Perhaps you're still dating that guy your friend set you up with because there's nothing better on the horizon, even though he's a bit of a slob and you prefer being tidy. Maybe he's mean in a way no one else sees but you.

If you are waiting for him to change, you'll be waiting forever. Why put up with him when you can attain lasting happiness in your relationships? 

If you're a smart, successful woman looking to transform  your approach to dating, Date Like a Boss provides a complete system which empowers women to make smarter choices early on so they don’t wind up with a broken relationship and a broken heart.

Are you ready for trying something that could change everything?

Escape the hamster wheel

When you look back on your last few relationships, do you find that you end up falling for the same type of guy, even when that guy isn't right for you? 

Are you making the same mistakes over and over again not knowing what it is you're doing wrong?

If so, it's time to break that cycle. In the workplace, you think critically about strategic decisions in order to make the best, most beneficial choice. The Date Like a Boss program teaches you to identify these skills and apply them to your love life. 

Are you ready to make breakthroughs in your current relationship or create a relationship with someone new?

See Dating and Relationships from a New Perspective

When it comes to dating, it's easy to let the heart lead before the head can catch up. The Date Like a Boss program teaches you how to objectively assess the possibilities and pitfalls of a relationship, helping you better understand what might need to be fixed, determine what's possible, and take action to achieve real results.

If you are willing to fix it, get rid of it, or change your mindset about it, then Date Like a Boss is most certainly for you. 

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