meditateIf you need a pick-me-up or are feeling a bit anxious, try the following breathing exercise; it can help to bring energy and clarity to your mind. The first time, do it for just 15 seconds, increasing the duration by five seconds every time until you can complete one full minute. Always breathe normally between exercises.

          • Sit upright with your back straight, eyes closed, and shoulders relaxed.
          • Place the tip of your tongue against the bony ridge behind and above your upper teeth.
          • Breathe rapidly through your nose, in and out, with your mouth slightly closed.
          • Keep your inhale and exhale short and equal. Your chest should be almost mechanical in its movements – rapid, like air is pumping through it.
          • Try to inhale and exhale three times per second, if you can, keeping your breath audible.
Ideally, you will feel the muscular effects of this breathing exercise at the base of your neck (just above the collarbone) and at the diaphragm. Put your hands on these areas to get a sense of the movements.