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March 17, 2014

The Top Things To Not Discuss During Your First Date

holding handsE-Harmony suggests that the top things you should not discuss on your first date are:

  • Your finances
  • How you feel about your ex
  • Why your last relationship ended
  • How crazy your family is
  • How much you hate your job

I’m not sure what this advice is based upon – I doubt there have been any tests for the validity and reliability of this recommendation. I’d love to hear your experiences.

My take on this is that many times, some of this information has been shared via text, emails and calls prior to meeting so it doesn’t fill up the face to face time with these issues.  Instead look for interests and commonalities.

But on the other hand, I’d personally love it if the other person revealed most of this so I could pick up obvious red flags right away. But I would take E-Harmony’s advice and not fill my own conversation with these areas.  What are your experiences with these topics whether dating on-line or meeting someone during your ordinary activities?

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Dr. Monique Belton

Executive Coach and Clinical Psychologist, Monique Belton, Ph.D. helps empower people to create their dreams.

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