Live Like A Boss

You are an...

While you will stand your ground when it's important, at other times you let people walk all over you. It might be because it's simply easier for you to avoid the confrontation than for you to stand up for yourself, and at times that can be the best choice. However, if you aren't happy with being a pushover some of the time than it’s clearly time for you to assess what changes you can make.

These changes don’t have to be life-altering; start small by adding one new habit a week. 

  • Practicing saying no as a full sentence and 
  • Set small boundaries with family and friends. 
  • Speak up for what you truly want
  • Put your own needs first for once
  • Quit apologizing for every little thing. 

These small actions can lead to big changes over time.

Before you go...

How would you like to take more control over your life by learning how to make the most of your mornings? Starting the day on the right foot is a great way to become better at putting your own needs first!