Imzadi Cattery was established in 1992 when Clinical Psychologist, Monique Belton, Ph.D. obtained her first Somali. That little kitten grew up to be Monique’s first Grand Champion, GC Zamfara’s Fiya of Imzadi. The cattery name, Imzadi, is a term of endearment taken from the Star Trek Universe. Dr. Belton is also the president of the Somali International Cat Club.

The Imzadi home page is due for a major update. There will be pictures of Imzadi winners Tuvok and Bashir at the International Show in Kansas City, November 1998. Also coming are pictures of kittens from breeding from CG, NW, Instincts Klein Bonaire (CFA’s Best Aby and 9th cat Internationally) and GC Imzadi’s Integrity. Pictures from a litter from GC, RW Imzadi’s First Officer Chakotay and Ch. Imzadi’s Jada Pinkett are due to be added. A new section featuring Abyssinians/Shorthaired Somalis is being created. The black and white line drawing on this page is taken from a photograph Monique took of Imzadi’s Miss Dior, a classic beauty who is a Shorthaired Somali/Abyssinian There will be more show reports and an updated show calendar. Please come back and see pictures of more of our cats. If you’d like to be informed when the page has a major update please click here.


Because our program is intended for the betterment of the breed, kittens are raised in the house. Kittens are born in a nursery bedroom and recieve daily handling from birth. They remain in the nursery with their mother until they have their first shots. With their immunity in place, kittens are given the run of the house. They naturally adopt Monique’s bedroom as their new home and begin sleeping on the bed, and everywhere else. Kittens get a good deal of exposure to other people, noise and normal household activities. They visit the attached psychotherapy office and act as junior therapists when they feel so inclined. More frequently they play with the clients; teasers are securely hidden in the office for just this purpose. Other times a kitten prefers to just curl up to sleep on or next to a client. Dr. Belton’s new clients are always asked whether they have fears or allergies to cats. Some are referred on to other therapists, others take allergy pills before coming because they love cats but are allergic. A few clients have resolved their ailurophobia (fear of cats) as well as their original problems. One lady who described herself as “terrified” of cats ended up adopting three felines of her own after repeated experiences with Imzadi cats. This is an intelligent, sensitive, people-orriented breed that does not reach full potential without proper socialization and early mental stimulation. Rest assured that Imzadi kittens are provided the kind of start in life that provides a sound foundation for reaching their full potential as competitors or companions.

Somalis and Abyssinians
The Imzadi Boys

RW, GRC Imzadi’s First Officer Chakotay******GRC Imzadi’s SidewinderPhotographer: © Carl J. Widmer


Monique Belton with GRC Imzadi’s Dr Bashir and GRC, RW Imzadi’s Tuvok of TadofaPhotographer: © Carl J. Widmer

Life Coach and Clinical Psychologist, Monique Belton, Ph.D.
Huntington, Long Island, New York
Imzadi Cattery is a small, home based cattery specializing in Somali and Abyssinian cats. It is the home of RW, GC Imzadi’s First Officer Chakotay, CFA’s Best Somali 1995 and GC Imzadi’s Sidewinder CFA’s Best Somali Kitten 1995.

Kittens from Imzadi’s Tyra Banks and Imzadi’s Miss Dior sired by GRC, RW Imzadi’s First Officer Chakotay.
How many kittens are on the bed?

Imzadi Cattery is very proud of the kittens pictured above. Six of the seven will be shown and three have already had excellent show successes for a Somali kitten.Imzadi’s Tuvok and Imzadi’s Rudy Galindo of Reroko were shown together at CFA shows from age 4 months to 6 months. Amazingly, they both finaled at least once in every show they were shown together, including their first show, Garden State, at 4 months. They both also finaled at the Delaware River Cats Club (six finals between them) and Pocono Cat Fanciers show where Tuvok received his first Best Kitten, from judge Lynn Search.

Since Rudy went off to his new home with Amy O’Brien, DVM and her family, Tuvok has been going to shows with his half brother, Imzadi’s Dr. Bashir. At the Nova Show in NJ there were over 120 kittens present and Tuvok made Michael Petersen’s AB final.

Imzadi’s Tuvok was Best Kitten in Show this past weekend, at the Damn Yankee’s Cat Club show held in Groton, CT. Tuvok is a sixth month ruddy male. He is out of RW, GC Imzadi’s First Officer Chakotay and Ch. Imzadi’s Tyra Banks. The format was AB and three judges, Lynn Search, Michael Peterson, and Walter Hutzler, all made him Best Kitten in their rings. Norm Auspitz gave him 3rd best and Hillary Helmrich chose him for her 5th Best Kitten. There were 59 kittens present.

There is news about his littermates. Imzadi’s Tribble is owned by Gale Jonsa of Duracell. Gale can’t travel away from home to shows so she plans on showing him in various associations when they have a show close to her home. At four months Tribble made all 4 finals of one day AACE show and was Best in one ring. His second AACE show he was Best Kitten in all 8 rings and was Best Kitten in Show. The last brother went to a new exhibitor Francine Rimkuf-Hanley. Francine intends to get started by showing in the premiership class. She plans to show this ruddy litter mate, Imzadi’s Jean Luc Picard and a Bengal kitten in TICA. Monique plans to keep the only female in this litter and show and breed her.


About Us features the cats of Imzadi Cattery, personality and physical descriptions of Somali and Abyssinian cats. In Photo Album you will find glamour shots of show cats and candids of happy pets. More About Somalis contains links to articles on the history of the Somali, a description of the Somali purrsonality, a description of Somali colors, a discussion on the question of shorthair Somalis versus Abyssinians and information on the health issues relating to Imzadi Somalis. Extended Family shows Imzadi cats in their new homes. Retired Cats is where you will find descriptions of retired breeders and show cats who are waiting to go to their new homes. Favorite Sites topics are far reaching. What’s New features litters and show successes.

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