Heartache to Bliss

21 Transformational Days To Creating The
Trusting, Loving Relationship You Truly Deserve 

Imagine learning everything you need to know to go from a love life chock full of pain and uncertainty to a fulfilling, lasting relationship with the man of your dreams in just 21 days.

During this FREE, virtual event, you’ll get an unbelievable opportunity to hear from 21 relationship experts who will share inspiring personal stories and provide a treasure-trove of practical tips and tools, taking your dream relationship from impossible to totally possible.

In this life-changing tele-summit you’ll learn actionable steps to:

  • Stop the cycle of self doubt and frequent hopelessness.
  • Authentically answer the question, “Should I stay or should I go?”
  • Avoid painful or dead-end relationships.
  • Thrive, rather than just survive, after a breakup.
  • Protect yourself, your friend, or your daughter by being able to immediately recognize a toxic man.
  • Identify a man that can never change – no matter what you do.
  • Recognize the kind of man who’s willing and able to grow and change with you in order to create the best relationship possible.
  • Create a wildly successful relationship.
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