Live Like A Boss

Do It, Ditch It Days

Choose a task you'd like to get done.

Something big, something small, something you’ve been putting off for a million years: it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s something that deserves your full, undivided attention.

Come join me for a DO IT, DITCH IT DAY

Need help focusing on finishing up work before the weekend? Come meet in my Zoom room. We'll state our intentions of what we'll focus on, and then get to work for an hour.

I have found it very productive because we'll check-in at the end of the hour and see how much everyone has finished. Setting the intention and having some accountability often leads to improved focus.

Starting at 10 am, and then continuing on the hour until 1 pm, I'll run a short intention setting meeting where you commit to the work you want to accomplish. Can't come at 10? Don't worry! Stop in at the top of any hour you want to join us.

Sign up here and the link to join in will be emailed to you.

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Can’t come this time? Sign up and I’ll make sure you get a reminder for next time.

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