Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Eat Something

Even though people have been eating since the beginning of time, it can sometimes be somewhat difficult to discover what the exact motivation for eating really is. You could be trying to find ways to fill the time, or feeling stressed about other matters completely. Whatever the case may be, it’s very important to get to the root of what is causing you to eat, especially if you are wanting to make changes in your eating habits. If you are just beginning to make changes, asking yourself the following questions can help you decide whether or not to eat something.
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Why You Should Seek Therapy for Emotional Eating

Have you ever felt the urge to eat something just because it was there? Sometimes, we can end up putting ourselves at a disadvantage because of the choices we make from day to day. If you routinely engage in binge eating, the result could have serious health implications. Food is fun, but sometimes a craving for a certain item can signify a much greater issue that may have to be examined from a different angle. Let’s explore 4 reasons to seek therapy for emotional eating. Learn to Identify the Triggers. A major asset that comes with working with a mental … Read More Button

The Difference Between Hunger and Emotional Hunger

When you reach for something to eat… it’s important to know the real reason why you’re standing there in front of the refrigerator. People everywhere are struggling with weight and body image issues. Looking into how you feel about eating can tell you a lot about whether or not you should eat something, and it helps you to learn how to identify whether or not you’re eating for the right reasons. I will be sharing a few ways that will let you know the difference between hunger and emotional hunger. Emotional Hunger There are certain patterns and indications that you … Read More Button


female looking at herself in a mirror

Each time you find yourself in front of a mirror today, take a moment to witness yourself. As you look deeply into your own eyes, hold all aspects of yourself in loving awareness. Silently repeat these words three times, “I see you, I accept you, I love you,” Carry this practice through your day and witness your heart gently open to yourself and others. … Read More Button

The Top Things To Not Discuss During Your First Date

E-Harmony suggests that the top things you should not discuss on your first date are: Your finances How you feel about your ex Why your last relationship ended How crazy your family is How much you hate your job I’m not sure what this advice is based upon – I doubt there have been any tests for the validity and reliability of this recommendation. I’d love to hear your experiences. My take on this is that many times, some of this information has been shared via text, emails and calls prior to meeting so it doesn’t fill up the face to … Read More Button

More Meals at Home

“If you needed a better reason to start cooking more meals at home, here’s one for you. Michael Pollan explains how cooking more can change your life.”   … Read More Button

Coaching Preparation Form

Preparing for the coaching session will allow you to optimize your results and our time together. Before the session, you may wish to answer the questions on my coaching prep form. Click on the “download” button below to open the document and print it out or save it to your computer.   … Read More Button